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Employment Law Watch

Our team specialises in providing both employers and employees with economic advice and solutions nationwide. Employment relationships are based on trust and confidence and both employers and employees must act in good faith towards each other. Our team are well placed to assist our clients to navigate their way through their employment relationship obligations and the complex issues that can arise as a result of those obligations. Whilst conflict prevention is always the primary goal, when it cannot be avoided our team are able to assist with the resolution options available to both employers and employees.

Our Services

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Drafting employment contracts

Responding to personal grievances



Harassment and bullying claims

Enforcing contracts

Performance management processes

Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court appearances

Independent workplace investigations


Contract reviews

Initiating personal grievances

Restructure representation and advice

Performance management issues

Harassment and bullying claims


Litigation support and representation


Advice to employers conducting internal Investigations

Conducting independent workplace Investigations

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