Contract Reviews

Navigating through a lengthy employment contract either before commencing a new job or during an existing employment relationship can be a daunting task. We can make that task less daunting by advising you on your contract or proposed contract.

Initiating Personal Grievances

If you believe your employer has not been treating you correctly in accordance with your employment contract or any other employment rights you have, our team can help you through the process.

Restructure, Representation and Advice

Sometimes your position may be under review and you need advice on the steps your employer is taking or has taken. Employers must follow a specific fair, reasonable, communicative and consultative process when restructuring. You should  take advice promptly if your position is affected by such a process.

Performance Management Issues

You may be subject to a performance management process. You are entitled to be represented so that your rights are not breached and a fair process is followed.

Harassment and Bullying Claims

You may be a victim of harassment or bullying or may be accused of harassment or bullying. Whichever you may experience there are rights and procedures that are often overlooked. Often getting advice can assist you to deal with what can be a traumatic experience. Our team are here to help.


Mediation is the primary resolution process for resolving employment problems. It can be stressful for an employee to go through this process. Our role is to assist you through the mediation process and alleviate a lot of that stress and assist you to resolve your claim.

Litigation Support and Representation

Whilst the vast majority of employment problems are resolved at mediation, some are not and have to be resolved in either the Employment Relations Authority or the Employment Court. We can assist with all aspects of these resolution processes.